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Lock Down Lash & Nails in Need

With a substantial number of us now missing our regular visits to our favourite salons and beauty specialist, we are left feeling a little less pampered than we might like.

Many of us have found ourselves trying to remove our lash and nail extensions using any mean necessary which unfortunately, can cause damage to our natural lashes and nails.

This false lash free time can be better spent by nourishing and enhancing your natural lashes using Nativis Eyebrow and Eyelash Growth Oil.

The key ingredients in our Eyebrow and Eyelash Growth Oil not only love our lashes and brows but they also LOVE our nails and cuticles. People up and down the country have bare nails for the first time in years and are now worried about the damaged caused by removing their false nails incorrectly.

Nativis Brow and Lash Oil is absolutely fantastic to help sooth out these ridges, improve the nail health and speed of growth.


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